December 17, 2017

How to Choose The Right Eyewear

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Eyewear is a piece of article that frames your face and add drama to your whole persona. Many people wear various kinds of eyewear depending on their preference. Some wear prescription eyewear, others to protect their eyes from the sun’s and light’s glare, and others wear eyewear that are good fashion statement.

Buying an eyewear is not an easy thing but it is also not rocket science as long as you know how to pick the right one that will suit you. It should be able to compliment your personality as well. So, how do you actually know which one is the right fit?

Take note of your face shape

Not all frames are created equal! Some eyeglasses can make your face look more plump while others can take over your entire face and hide your beauty. Take into consideration your face shape to select the right eyewear for you.

The illustration below shows the different face shapes and what is the best eyewear frame to choose for those type of shapes.

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Oval = wide frame
Round = angular, narrow glasses
Triangle = try frames with colour accent on the top, middle part
Diamond = frames with detailed and distinctive brow lines
Square = try narrow frames that are wider and not deep
Oblong = try frames that are deeper than wider

Choose the right frame material

Eyewear is not only plastic. These days, there are eyeglasses frame made of wood, bamboo, metal, and even rock!

Choose the right material that you feel is right for you, that is also lightweight and will not wear your face down due to its weight.

You can Shop Metal Eyeglasses at Warby Parker and see other eyewear made of various materials.

Pick the style that highlights your personality

If you are looking for an eyewear to wear most of the time at work then traditional darker shades of frames will be a good choice.  Usually a plain frame will suffice for the corporate world. However, if you are creative and playful, then show your fun personality with bright coloured frames with prints or patterns.

After giving you all these tips and you are still undecided, fret not, you can avail of Warby Parker Home Try-On Program to see how an eyewear will look on your face before you purchase the right one.

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