December 17, 2017

How to Get Rid of Pests with Natural Solutions

For people concerned about the toxins and chemicals used by professional exterminators, you might be interested in trying a few natural DIY options the next time you find yourself with an insect infestation at home. Just remember that many natural solutions are less potent than commercial pesticides, and even if they do the job, it can take longer for them to take care of the problem.
You can try these homemade ideas, or talk to professionals like Burnaby exterminatorLocal Pest Control. They usually have milder or non-toxic options at their disposal too.
Do a Clean Up
Many insects are drawn to food sources, such as open food packages or even just too many crumbs on the counter or floor. Though this is the best preventative step you can take, it should also be done even after the pests have arrived.
Not only should all food be packed away securely, dust up all crumbs and then give counters and floors a good washing to eliminate the smell of food. You also want to get rid of any scent trails that bugs like ants lay down to help others to follow. A scented product will help even more, rather than an unscented cleanser for this.
Diatomaceous Earth
This is a favorite for eco-friendly people looking for natural ways to kill insects. Diatomaceous earth a fine powder that is made up (on a microscopic level) of crushed shells. It feels like flour to us but it’s like shards of glass to tiny bugs. The fragments get into their joints and quickly damage their exoskeletons. Without any further detail, it kills insects as they walk through it. Sprinkle a generous amount along the edges of baseboards, under cabinets or anywhere else you see the pests. It’s harmless to anything larger than a bug, so don’t worry about pets or kids either. As long as the DE stays dry, it will quickly start to kill off any insects that cross its path.
Borax and Sugar
This is another recipe for a natural bug-killer that uses easy-to-find ingredients. It works very well for ants and roaches specifically. You need 1/2 cup white sugar, about 1 1/2 tablespoons of borax(check the laundry section at the supermarket) and 1 1/2 cups of warm water. Just mix everything together and stir until the powders dissolve. Now you have your repellent.
Place very shallow saucers or even jar lids in places where the bugs are a problem, along with a cotton ball or two. Add enough of your solution to soak the cotton. The bugs will be attracted to the sweet sugar but will be killed off by the borax. They often take small droplets back to the colony, so they will start to die off even if they don’t visit the traps directly.
Scented Repellents
Other options include a wide range of heavily-scented material that will repel insects. Sprinkling cinnamon, mint leaves, garlic powder, or coffee grounds around where the insects are congregating can be enough. Moth balls are a stronger material for this, but they aren’t really very natural and might be better saved as a last resort.
If you are unable to handle your insect problem with these natural methods, you should accept defeat and try the exterminator. Letting the problem continue for too long will create a much bigger infestation to deal with.

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