December 17, 2017

How To Get The Perfect Smile For Your Big Upcoming Event

Everyone dreams of having that perfect party smile, the kind that looks gorgeous in photographs. However, so many of us struggle with things such as dry lips or stained teeth, which often keep us from smiling in photographs. If you have a big event like a wedding or graduation coming up, you shouldn’t let anything stop you from smiling in photographs. Here’s how you can prepare your smile so that you’ll be confident every time someone points a camera at you.

Get Your Lips Smooth and Moisturized

If you suffer from dry, cracked lips then you probably don’t feel very confident when it comes time to smile for the camera. If your lips are severely dry and cracked, then a simple application of lip balm might not do the trick. Instead, manually slough away dead skin with a bit of raw sugar, which is coarser than regular sugar, mixed with a bit of coconut oil. This all-natural lip scrub is great at removing dead skin and leaving lips feeling smooth.

After you’ve exfoliated away all the dead skin, apply a rich lip balm that contains extremely moisturizing ingredients like lanolin. Avoid mentholated lip balms, as they tend to dry out the lips more.

Whiten Those Teeth

You don’t have to live with stained or yellowed teeth. Instead, take action and get the pearly whites that you deserve. Today there are more options than ever before when it comes to whitening your teeth. You can pick up at-home teeth whitening kits from the local pharmacist, which allow you to brighten your smile from the comfort of your own home. However, the most powerful results usually come from the dentist’s office. Professional whitening treatments can fix even the most yellowed and dull smiles. They’re quite the worthwhile investment.

If you’re more of an all-natural type and want to avoid chemicals, try brushing your teeth with activated charcoal, which is readily available at health food stores. This fine powder might be black, but when you rinse it away, your teeth will be whitened and glowing. That’s because the charcoal clings to any grime, discoloration or debris, physically pulling it off of your teeth and revealing a beautiful smile.

If you take care of your lips and whiten your teeth, you should feel completely comfortable smiling widely when someone photographs you at your big upcoming event.

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