December 18, 2017

How to Prepare before Calling Moving Companies

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You will probably feel overwhelmed if you have never had to organize a move before. Where do you start, and which tasks take priority? Moving companies in Baltimore are often confronted with confused customers. They help these citizens by offering them advice and supportive tips. Here are some of these suggestions that can make any move go a lot smoother.

Schedule a Date Right Away

Do not wait until the last minute to set a moving date. If you wait too long, the company you want to hire may no longer have a truck or crew available. Certain times during the year and some days of the month are extremely busy. Weekends fill up the fastest.

Collect Essential Data

Moving companies need certain information in order to put your move on their books. Write down your old and new address and an active phone number you can be reached at. If you are relocating to a complex or private community, also give the movers your apartment number, as well as intercom and gate codes. Mention where trucks can park.

Clean and Take Inventory

 Are you taking everything you own with you? If not, you should clean out and de-clutter. Establish which valuables you want to move. Which possessions should go into storage, and what can be thrown out or donated? Some of your junk can become someone else’s treasure. You can also organize a garage sale before starting to pack. Having fewer possessions means that you have to pack less. Ask your moving company what can go into the truck, as some things, such as explosives and certain chemicals are prohibited.

Recruit Volunteers

Large moves can be rather expensive. The help of friends and family can reduce the overall cost. Your volunteers can pack and bring boxes and furnishings to the truck. They can also assist with the unloading and unpacking. Ask your moving company for more information on what they allow.

Establish a Budget

Know how much money you can spend on a move. Mention this amount when you contact several reputable moving companies in Baltimore. Those that value your business will work with you. They can suggest solutions that you can easily afford.

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