December 17, 2017

How To Spot Manipulative People

Do you want to know how to spot a manipulative person? If not and you are one of the very innocent and trusting people out there, read the tips here to know the characteristics of a manipulative person.

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The world is made of many savoury characters who seem to have been plucked out of a fairy tale book. And every story, there is a protagonist and an antagonist. In this case, we have the manipulative people as the precursor of all nasty things in out story – our life. We can learn and understand more about manipulation and how to motivate ourselves to be spot and get through it in

I have dealt with many types of people in my life, from the bossy to the nagger, to the sweet but deadly, to the really nice and down-to-earth, the most vile character I have the unpleasant experience with was with manipulative people.  These are the type of people are are so good in what they to, which is to manipulate people. But, how do you spot them from a mile? More information can be found here at but here are some characteristics you have to watch out for because they spell danger. As soon as you meet these kinds of people in your workplace or even outside, try your best not to fall prey.

1. They can detect your weakness and use them against you

They can sense those weakness in your system. Most of the time, even before you even tell them the issue, they already know what they are and are already plotting ways on how to make them work in their favour. Example of this is when you are experiencing confusion and panic over an investment you have put on a certain company, the manipulator will see that worry and may even talk you into removing that investment and transferring it to his or her account or investment schemes. And next thing you know is that, you’re signing papers to his/her favour.

2. They are repetitive violators

They keep making the same mistake over and over to you. And until you say stop or no, they will keep doing it because they can get away with it.

3. They use their charm to accomplish things

Manipulative people are not always charming in nature. They can use their charm to get something out of you or when they need something done on their behalf and favour. They may give you a token or lavish you with compliments before they make their request.

4. Watch out for coercive behaviour

They tend to be forceful and will persuade people to make them do what they want or to get something that they want from you.  They sometimes include threats or even will blackmail you to ensure that they get want they want.

5. They will never admit they are wrong

One thing a manipulative person is known for is that, it will never admit he or she is wrong. Manipulators are great twisters of facts and they can weave stories to use and facts to deny when they want to in order to not get caught.

When you find yourself dealing with these patterns of behaviour, walk away. It is difficult to deal with the and really a challenge to not fall prey into their divisive ways.

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