December 18, 2017

How To Stay On Track With Your Diet and Weight Loss Goals

New Year is upon us and that goes for a lot who have made resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle, lose the unhealthy weight and be slim and trim.

I may not have any New Year’s resolution this year but I do have a goal I want to achieve and that is to be back on track on healthy eating and regular exercising just like how I was few years ago before I fell from the healthy wagon.

This 2014, let us strive to achieve our goal to a healthier body, soul and mind. Here are simple tips that can keep our weight loss goal in check and our diet on track.

1. Have a food journal
It helps to keep tabs of what you eat day in and day out. That way, you get to have a clearer picture of what bad foods you have eaten that can derail you from achieving your healthy diet. Seeing what works best and now can stir you away from cheating on your healthy diet.

2. Place a picture of a “slimmer” you and make it your inspiration
I have a picture of myself on my healthy weight few years ago tucked in my wallet so wherever I go and when I am tempted to eat something really bad, I pull the picture out and stare closely for several minutes. It might be an odd practice for some but it works like a charm to me. I have that picture as a reminder of the reason why I am doing all these. If I cheat myself now, I am just prolonging my agony and the more I am fooling myself.

3. Change your perspective about those yummy, sinfully bad foods/treats

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Yes, that cupcake over there in the counter that has a dollop of marshmallow icing in your favorite color at that can be tempting and such an eye-pleaser. Do remember that, while it may taste very, very nice, the amount of calories you will ingest eating that delectable treat can be equivalent to a run on the treadmill for an hour. 1 cupcake – that’s all it takes to ruin all your diet. You can stay away from those yummy treats for the interim because you haven’t achieved your goal yet. But once you have, it is not bad to treat yourself to a yummy dessert but only when you know when to treat it as a delicacy and nothing more.

4. Stay away from fast foods
One of the culprits why we get off the healthy wagon is our inability to prepare our own food due to time constraints. Please, let’s not make that an excuse this 2014. It is so 2013! Yes, you can make time and you have to. If you want to be healthy then stay away from processed foods that are brimming with sodium and bad fats. Wake up a bit earlier than usual so you can prepare your meal. A little sacrifice will go a long way in your weight loss goal.

5. Have enough R and R
Rest and relaxation are two of the reasons why healthy people stay slim and trim. These people know when to get out of stress that produces cortisol which makes your body store more fat. Learn to meditate and filter the outside noise. Practice Tai Chi or go to a spa for a retreat. Just keep those nerves calm.

There are still plenty of ways to keep our goals in weight loss and proper dieting. It takes determination and the belief in one’s self to achieve all these goals for worthy reasons. Your health and you are worthy reasons enough to take living a healthier life seriously. We only live once then live it healthily.

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