December 17, 2017

How To Throw An Awesome Garden Party For Both Adults And Kids In A Budget

Throwing a party is not an easy feat. It takes time, plenty of planning, and tons of coordination to pull off the right party in mind without overspending. Don’t let that discourage you from throwing an awesome garden party for both adults and kids while sticking in a budget. 
The themed party is a common party thrown for both adults and kids. It is fun to see people dress up to the occasion and the party hosts live up to the expectation of the guests with unique themed-accessories to go with the party. How about throwing a garden party for everyone with less money involved but packed with fun, excitement, and tasty treats for everyone to enjoy?
Here are some tips to throw a garden party for both adults and kids: 
Provide your own party supplies
Sometimes we can get carried away with the planning that we tend to go overboard with the expenses because we feel that everything has to be precise. That is not the case with throwing a fun party. You should be able to allow a little hiccup here and there, for example, the table runners may not match the colour of the other party supplies. That’s ok! Breathe! Relax! The party will go on if you have a blue fork paired with a pink one. 
A garden party can be colourful as most gardens are. So, it’s okay to mix and match whatever supply you have or you can salvage from any thrift store. The colourful the party supplies are, the better!
Plan the party with the help of family and friends
You do not necessarily need to hire a party coordinator if you’re planning to throw a party at the backyard. Just enlist the help of your eager family members and friends with the coordination and provision of some supplies, and even food preparation.  You’ll be surprised how many of them will be happy to pitch in with the responsibilities of throwing the best party for your loved one.
Prepare the food and beverage
This will probably be one of the challenging tasks to undertake when hosting a party. It all depends whether you can cook, and not just cook, but also cook really well. If not, then you can prepare simple finger foods for your guests and ask a friend or another family member to do the cooking of the main dishes.
Install party booths and play things
A garden party will be more fun with booths and other playthings that both adults and kids can enjoy. A good example of playthings will be trampolines.  You can have a small trampoline for kids and a bigger one for the adults to jump on. You can buy or borrow from a person you know who owns these fun accessories. Not only are they fun to have around but you are also going to encourage everyone’s interaction to join on the fun jump!
Another good idea is to have some party booths. The ubiquitous photo booth is a staple now in most parties whether they are garden parties or not.  Accessories for the photo booth can now be downloaded for free from many sites. You can just print them and add a stick and there you have it, your very own photo booth accessories. As for the background, you can use any plain blanket or some fancy curtains. A simple tripod and a digital cam can do the wonders of any photo booth.
Adding candy buffet to the party can serve as both the dessert and thank-you souvenir for the attendants. You can get plenty of inspiration from the Internet and decorate your buffet table as you wish. Lots of candies and chocolates can be bought in bulk from wholesalers. Take advantage of those promotions and deals and set up your own candy buffet.  
Print your own invitations

Get crafty and make your own party invitations. It’s more unique and personal to prepare the invitation yourself because you can customize it the way you like it and how the celebrant prefers the invites to be.

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