December 17, 2017

How To Win The Weight Loss Battle

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Are you sick and tired of your yo-yo diet? Have you tried every known diet to man? Have you been exercising and yet, there seems to be nothing that can budge your weight loss regime? Well, you are not alone in this health dilemma. I have been battling the bulges for some time now. I must have tried every fad diet available to mankind, drank more weight loss products I could buy in the market, exercised like crazy, and all of those did not make me loss the weight I have intended to do.

Losing weight is just no sweating it all out or eating healthily or cutting back on portions. You have to equip yourself with these weapons in order to battle your very own demon when trying to lose weight.

Fix your mind set

This is one of the toughest hurdle I have to face when the motivation or will power to commit to a healthy lifestyle is almost non-existent.

The mind is a powerful organ in our body and it can control many things. You have to change your mind set about viewing your body, tasting food, buying food, eating out, and sweating it.  The old adage “no pain, no gain” is a perfect mantra to tell yourself to commit.

Chose what you eat

I love eating and I guess, a lot of people do. I have a good relationship with food but lately, I have been braking up with most of them, ie. the chips, sodas, sweet treats, and processed foods. Yes, I have to break up with them even if sometimes I want to give in. There are plenty of healthy snacks you can binge on like cut carrots, cucumber slices, fresh fruits, dried fruits, low fat yoghurt or healthy mix of nuts.

Do not compromise on the quality and type of food you will put in your mouth. Commit to eat healthy by clearing your cupboard of junk food. It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while with a slice of cake but try not to until you have mastered the art of saying “no.”

Sweat it out

I really hate exercising  because I don’t like my own sweat. I am just fussy but my fussiness won’t make me healthy. So, I have to embrace the sweat of my labour!

You can never be too busy to find time to commit to an exercise routine that you are comfortable with. I allocate at least half an hour each day to just walk on my treadmill. It may not be much compared to those who go to the gym and really, really sweat it out. But the point is, take baby steps in fighting your own laziness. Do not justify in your head whether you are tired or not, sleepy or not, not in the mood or not. Just do it. It’s only half an hour, at least 5 days in a week. Start little but go steady.

Write it down

Write how you feel about the whole ordeal. Keep a journal of what you eat so you can track your progress. Write your body measurement at the start of your goal then compare later on when you are progressing.

Keeping a journal of your weight loss goal keeps you in tract and is a constant reminder of your journey to a healthier life.

Have a support system

It’s always nice to find someone who can back you up when you’re not feeling it. My hubby is my biggest challenger and motivator right now.  He’s been jogging for almost 3 months straight and he is committed. Unlike me, I am still far behind. But he challenges me so I am up to that.

Find a buddy you can exercise with or share your new habit of eating clean food that are good for your weight loss and over all well being.

Tap your energy for the day

If you’re usually awake before the sun even rises then you’re a morning person. Some people are nocturnal. Tap into your energy for the day and try to utilize that energy productively by engaging on activities that will help burn calories like cleaning the room, dancing, walking your dog, using the treadmill.

Some people are more productive during the later part of the day so an afternoon run or exercise to use the remaining energy they have is good to incorporate exercise in the day-to-day activity.

Losing weight is never easy. Let’s get very real on that one. But it’s not impossible. Just be focused, steadfast with your determination, and challenge yourself to do something that is not very comfortable. It may be hard initially but you’ll see the results later on. You’re not alone in your weight loss battle. There are many out there who are struggling so hard to lose the weight, just like me. Keep trusting yourself that you will reach your final weight goal. And when you do, we are all going to cheer!

Share your successful weight loss stories here if you have. Leave a comment if you want to. I will be happy to read your story.

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