December 18, 2017

I'm Getting Sickly Again

Well, I give myself a pat on the back for having an improved health after getting afflicted with pneumonia few years ago. My immune system did picked up several notches for the better and I had a good running with a clean bill of health. Not totally so clean. I still have terrible cholesterol level, overweight for my age and height and now, getting a wee sickly again.

I feel bad not going to work today. I had my stuff ready but when I woke up, I was still feverish and dizzy. I left work yesterday earlier because my fever was starting to cause inconvenience like watery eyes, hot temperature, dizzy spells and lack of appetite. Now, my fever has subsided a bit but my whole body aches like some giant just made me his/her punching bag. My whole body aches right now and I pray it will all go away as I get my health ready for the Tokyo trip in few days.

I think I am not giving myself the 101% care I used to. I just have too many things to do that I don’t take enough time to really focus on my health and weight issues that is why my immune is getting low again. I better start eating healthy and do regular exercises. I noticed, I don’t get too feverish when I was exercising regularly but now that I stopped again, my health and wellness is not very well. No pun intended.

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