December 17, 2017

Important Experience You Need Before Starting Up Your Own Business

First and foremost, starting up a business requires an unswerving passion for the project at hand. Without this, things tend to move slowly due to a lack of motivation from you and, by extension, your team members. But of course, another very important part of starting a business is being experienced in the industry you’ve chosen to focus on. Knowledge can certainly be provided by any third parties involved but exposure in the workforce is something that simply cannot be taught. Here are some examples of important experience you’ll need before entering the business world.

The Area of Choice

If you plan to start a business in a particular area, you either need to apply a certain degree of talent, or you need the right amount of experience. For example, if you’ve decided you’d like to start your own photography business, you’ll need some experience taking photographs. Perhaps you’ve studied photography, won a few competitions, or worked as a photographer in the past. Whatever your story is, you must know something about the area you plan to turn into a business. This is kind of experience is pretty standard, but it’s essential to have. Sometimes people get so caught up in the business aspects of a project that they forget the backbone that is genuine interest—indeed, passion. It’s also important to have other contacts in the industry who can expand on your industry knowledge and expertise. Many entrepreneurs are actually white labelling business solutions provided by wholesale companies like Telcoinabox (click here). This gives the entrepreneur access to a wider scope of industry expertise.


Most people have had some experience in this area; including you, whether you’re aware of it or not. Marketing is essentially getting people to like you and your product, and it comes in many forms. It could be as basic as pitching an idea to your high school art teacher, or creating a Facebook page for your friend’s band. Both are an attempt to gain customers, to sell and promote a product in order to attract a particular audience. If you lack this kind of experience, now would be a good time to practice. Start with something simple, like sharing a link to a new TV show you happen to be a fan of, and then work your way up to something more creative. Innovative advertising is key if you want your business to stand out from the rest.

Work Experience

You have no doubt been hearing this from a very young age, but it is crucial that you gain work experience in more or less the industry you’re looking to start a business in. To begin with, the field you work in won’t necessarily be your number one preference, but being in the same ballpark will be beneficial. In the film industry, for instance, you might have to work as a stills photographer before you’ve gained enough credits—and enough trust—to make your own film. It’s difficult to work for yourself without having first worked for others.

There is a tendency to grow impatient during the initial stages of planning a business, but there is no substitute for experience. Develop a bank of knowledge over time and your business will bloom, slowly but surely.

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