December 17, 2017

Info on Daniel Burrus #BurrusBlog

Daniel Burrus is a known influencer who dabbles in the field of research to find better ways for innovation and technology to become a part of companies and societies.  More articles about his firm, Burrus Research, Inc. is published in LinkedIn as one of the many platforms of spreading his and Burrus Research’s expertise.

Burrus Research, Inc. provides services to clients who would like to have research done on:

• Global innovations in all areas of science and technology
• Cyclical and Linear Changes
• Hard and Soft Trends
• Disruptive technology and the industry they will disrupt
• New product and service opportunities that are enabled by technology advances
• Technology-driven trends that change consumer behavior
• Strategies for capitalizing on rapid technological and social change
You can find more information about him and the company he represents here:

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