December 18, 2017

Infused Water For Fat-Burning, Metabolism Boosters

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I tried drinking infused water for a month before the holiday came. I must say, during the first few days, I find the infused water (with cucumber, lemon and  mint leaves) a bit odd until I got used to the taste. I miss it now so I will go back to drinking infused water again.

It is known that cucumber and lemon are great way to boost metabolism and blast those fats. It doesn’t happen overnight.  While I was drinking infused water, I did notice a positive change in my physique. I was more energetic, had good sleep and my waist size went down a notch. Again, that was before I enjoyed the holiday celebration.

Cucumber and lemon are two of the metabolism boosting food around. Cucumbers are high in Vitamin C and A. It is a natural diuretics so you flush out excess water and toxins.

Lemon is another food rich in Vitamin C and great in burning fats as it assist in the cellular level. Vitamin C helps in transporting the fatty acids in the system by using up those energy to burn fats.

Next time you are tempted to drink soda or processed fruit juices, consider this option – infused water.

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