December 17, 2017

Is Your Home Feeling Boring? Small Things You Can Do to Improve Alone Time

Even if you absolutely love your home and think it’s the best place on earth, it is possible to feel like you’re getting bored with it from time to time. This is especially true if you work from home or spend a great deal of time in your house throughout the week. After all, if you’re only there at night and on weekends, how could you get bored with the only relaxing environment in your life?

While you might think you need to replace major pieces of furniture, pull up the carpet or get the inside of the house painted, the fact is that you probably don’t need to do any of that to feel like you enjoy your space a bit more. In many cases, doing small things is all that really needs to happen.

Keep reading to learn more about the small ways that you can improve the look and feel of your home. Many of them will cost you less than $100, and some you can probably do without spending a penny at all!

Improve Lighting 

One of the biggest problem the average person has in their home is lighting. Whether yours is too bright – which usually isn’t the problem – or it’s too dark, lighting plays a major role in how your home feels.

Make sure you’re using overhead lighting properly, but include multi-functional lighting pieces like floor and table lamps as well. Use spots and floor lights to point out interesting architectural features.

Doing this will make your home so much more appealing, even to you.

What Does Your Home Smell Like?

(Photo not mine)

Believe it or not, the way your home smells could really be impacting how you feel about being there. Take some time to improve the smell of your home.

The best way to improve the smell of your home long-term is by using essential oils like patchouli essential oils. Placing these in a small container will do much more than lighting incense and candles, and you won’t have to replace them nearly as often.

Hire Help

Deep cleaning your home by yourself is very difficult. Sometimes hiring a cleaning service to come just once a month for the big stuff is all you need though.

Many services will do this for very little, and it might add up to only about $20 per week. That’s an expense that might be worth it for a much nicer home.

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