December 17, 2017

June – The Romantic Month for Brides-To-Be

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June has been known the month of wedding. Plenty of couple have opted this month to be their marrying month because of its popularity.  A lot may be scurrying to secure their venues ahead of time. Wedding invitations have been printed along with the other stuff required in a wedding. However, do you actually know why June is famous for marrying people? It can also be attributed to some of these reasons why people tie the knot in June.

Annual Bath

In the olden times, more specifically during the medieval period, people took bath only once a year as they do not consider bathing a necessary activity. The annual bathing usually occurs end of May to the first few days of June. A lot of people considered tying the knot in June as they still smell clean.

Juno, The Roman Goddess of Marriage

People chose to honor Juno, the Goddess of Marriage and decided to marry in the month of June, thus naming June after the goddess.

June Harvests

Many believed that if people marry in the month of June which coincides to the harvest time, the newlyweds will be blessed with good fortune and they also believed that they will have abundant harvest throughout summer to nourish and sustain a pregnancy.

June Blooms

A myriad of flowering plants are in bloom in June.  Couples take advantage of that because of practicality sake as well as flowers tend to be cheaper in June. Moreover, the place smells very nice because of the blooms everywhere, adding more drama and effect to an already romantic event.

So, if you are one of those who are planning to marry in the month of June without knowing why it is so popular, now you know why.

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