December 18, 2017

Lack Of High-Quality Building Maintenance

I am not sure why maintenance in most buildings here in Dubai are sub-standard. They are not like the ones in the US, Canada, Europe and even those in Australia and New Zealand. I think that even the Philippines have better building maintenance compared to here.

Our building can be considered old in comparison to the number of new buildings around the neighborhood. This is only 7 years old and yet the exterior looks so dirty, the elevators keep getting stuck, the gym equipment is not even fully functional, the intercom units in each flat do not work and the tiles and paint are chipping.

I just hope they can use high quality materials to keep the whole building up-to-date. I can see the workers sometimes come and fix stuff in other units and their materials need serious updating. Perhaps try using Reid industrial supplies when they are fixing the heaters, air conditioning unit, sliding doors and windows’ bearings and even the fire alarm.

We are just being practical so we cannot move to another building because the rate will be twice as much. We are not permanent dwellers of this place but these building owners should take into heart the comfort of their tenants.

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