December 17, 2017

Libre Tea Glasses Gift Idea For The Tea Lovers Out There

Do you want a nice present for someone who loves to drink tea? That’s where Libre Tea comes in. It’s a great gift for those who not only want the health benefits but also the tasty drink to go with it!
Libre tea glass infuser comes in many designs and sizes to cater to all your specific needs. An eco-friendly tea infuser for the ‘on the go’ and so much more.

Ranging from original, large and mug; you can drink your loose leaf tea anytime, anywhere. With its durable poly exterior and glass interior, your glass should be break-free and still keep your drink hot or cold and fresh all the while. Also, including the removable stainless steel filter, its easy to clean and no loose leaves in your mouth. Isn’t that amazing?

I have several teas here, the loose-leaf and ready-to-brew to the infused kind. However, no matter the type of tea I drink, I have my Libre Tea Glasses very handy. I have 2 sizes now, the large which is 14 oz and the original size which is only 9 oz.

I like the original size because it’s compact enough to fit in my purse. Aside from that,  it is the perfect size for my grip and it makes about 2 cups of nice, hot and healthy tea! It is not bulky and just like the large size I reviewed few months ago, the original size also has double insulation and the tea will stay hot longer.

What is Libre Tea?
Libre (say Lee-brah!) Tea is a type of “teaware” for the tea lovers out there. It is distributed by Energetic Marketing, a company committed to sustainable people and planet practices, awesome customer service and a great tea experience for everyone to enjoy.

What it’s made of?
The Libre Tea glass is made of high quality materials such as glass, BPA-free poly Tritan, and stainless steel.

Libre Tea comes in several types of glass infuser variety  which are all equally great for gift-giving this Holiday Season. The recently released Libre Life 14 oz glasses are nice with lovely colors caps and glass designs to choose from.

Other Libre glasses to try:

Libre Original and Libre Large
Libre glass’n poly Mug

You can purchase Libre products from

This company is listed under It’s My Party’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2014.

I received the product complimentary from Libre Tea for evaluation purposes. I only review products that I will use and like. My feedback is 100% mine and may vary from yours.

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