December 18, 2017

Looking For Cookie Butter Spread Here In Dubai

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Ever since that Trader Joe’s Speculoos became famous, I have heard people rave about how good it tastes like. My husband was in New York recently and I have asked him to buy me some to see what the fuss was all about. It seems like you have to go to the Trader’s Joe branch to get that cookie butter.

I have searched here in Dubai as well but I can’t find any grocery carrying that kind of brand. I was really willing to try other brands just to get my hands on that cookie butter everyone is talking about. Hard to find items like that cookie butter spread is something Dubai has catch up with. Not only in food but also in arts and crafts supplies where there is just a handful of sellers. I just hope that while Dubai is getting over urbanized, I hope it can bring famous American brands to its store shelves soon.

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