December 17, 2017

Means Of Recovery For Addiction

Not all addictions are the same. Other addictions stem from wrong choices to inadvertent exposure to addictive elements such as alcohol, substance, medications and even odd behaviours to being with the wrong set of people. However, in the eyes of those people who see their loved ones suffer from its ugly effects, addiction is a serious matter.
I have known addiction in a personal level. I always have the ill memories that come with addiction and when it is up close and personal, you do not just turn your cheek, you handle it head on and you battle it. Such is the story of someone near and dear in the family who fell from the wagon – my brother.
The tell-tale signs of the initial stages of addiction were baffling but most noted was the change of behaviour and next the character. My brother was a cheery and bright bloke who enjoyed the company of his family and peers. Suddenly, he became dark and brooding and manners were thrown out the door! The family was confused at first until the other signs of addiction came out. He was not sleeping at normal times. When the whole family was awake and going about with their daily routines, my brother was asleep and couldn’t be bothered. Then the eating pattern became erratic. There would be days that his appetite was tantamount to a whale and there would be consecutive days with very little food to none. And then things started to get lost around the house. Things that could be sold were sold. Our family decided it was time to intervene and confront the matter. We never waited long enough to really saw the changes to our beleaguered family member. It had to stop. So, we took my brother to the rehabilitation and detox center to stop the onslaught of addiction. And this was fought hard by my brother. We had to nip it in the bud.
Many years later, I could recall the day I visited my brother in the treatment facility. He became matured and wiser for his age. It pained me to see him undergo treatment away from his family but it was for his own good. This is one experience we will all remember, not fondly but it all taught us a lesson.

Every addict deserves a second chance. And this is where family solidarity, loving support and professional help come into picture. Help such as counseling, treatment at rehabilitation and detox center to  facilitate the first step to recovery and withdrawal from any form of substance or alcohol abuse and other types of addiction.

I am very glad that we interfered and took matters to our hands than seeing my brother suffer from what would have been an irreparable damage to his whole being and could even be fatal. We saw not an addict but a person deserving another lease in life with a clean bill of health and a more positive approach to living with a purpose. It was not an easy road to recovery. There were plenty of fighting and emotional rollercoaster ride we all had to endure before we reached the end result of what a treatment can do to a “once an addict.”
There is hope so don’t lose one if you have similar situation or you know someone who needs help direly. Let the resistance ensue but don’t give up. Addiction can  be heartbreaking but with the treatment and the full love and support a family can give will be one of the steps to a full recovery.

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