December 18, 2017

Must-Have Jeans For Him and Her

Photo credit: True Religion Brand Jeans

Everyone must have at least several pair of jeans that will go with almost anything we have in our wardrobe. We cannot always wear business suits or dresses all the time. We have to dress down too to enjoy casual days where we can wear our best jeans paired with smart tops like blouses and polo.

On most days, we need to go out and just be comfortable with our relaxed fit jeans. It goes without saying that, jeans are vital in our wardrobe whether they are designer jeans for men and women or ordinary denim jeans.

Comfort Fit

Much as we all need a tight pair of jeans to go well with our stilettos or fashionable men’s shoes, we have to admit that we need to have a pair of jeans that will certainly not stifle our movement.

Comfort fit jeans are slightly loose in the legs area and the waist falls just right on the waistline. Some comfort fit jeans can be straight cut while other are tapered down to the leg

Dark or Black Denim

Dark-colored to Black denim will be a good addition in our wardrobe. They look classy and can sometimes pass for a trouser. They can be of any cut like the bootcut jeans from True Religion Brand Jeans, slim fit or even stretched ones.

Dark-colored or Black denim will be great year-round as they can be worn on any occasion or event. You can pair it with a blazer for work, a silk blouse if you are a lady and poplin rolled-up sleeves shirt if you are a guy. No matter what you pair these dark denims with any time of the day, you can be certain that you will feel and look stylish.

Stretch Jeans

We also need at least a good pair of stretch jeans but certainly not one that will cut out your blood circulation by being too tight like the skinny jeans in the market. Good stretch jeans will just be the right snug on your legs and taper down. Get stretch jeans that also fall right on your waistline and not the low slung types. We want to be sure that we are still comfortable on what we are wearing.

Buy stretch jeans that have at least 1-3% Lycra in the material for that added ease in movement.

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