December 17, 2017

My December Erin Condren Planner Decor

I am having a ball of a time decorating my Erin Condren planner because it makes my planner more colorful, fun and interesting. Erin Condren planners are already colorful and fun as they are but with my own personal touch, I feel it is more befitting of my personality.

December month is the most fun month to decorate because I was able to use my old patterned papers from My Mind’s Eye. I like how the cute, whimsical Christmas characters from My Mind’s Eye made my December pages extra cute!

The whole month of December is adorned with snowman, kids in winter clothing, polar bear, snowflakes, stars, Christmas tree and some stickers from my other patterned paper stash. I am very happy that I kept my patterned papers because they are very useful with the design process of my Erin Condren. As you can see, there are also plenty of washi tapes all over the pages because I got hooked on the latter quite late. I wonder why I never discovered the many wonderful uses of washi tapes. However, I am glad that I managed to snag some great designs at very good prices in Etsy.

So, here are my Erin Condren December decors. If you also want to have one of these life planners or any products from Erin Condren, please feel free to sign up here and you will get your $10 upon your first purchase:

First week

Second week

Third week

And my favorite page – the week leading to Christmas!!!

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