December 17, 2017

My Favorite – The Art of My Neighbor Totoro Book

My family and friends will vouch for my love of anything Totoro. I just love this fuzzy “thing” (because I don’t know what “it” is exactly) that I have gone loco buying trinkets, blankets and stuff in Tokyo during our last visit. However, something has to complete my love in full circle and it has to be this collectible The Art of My Neighbor Totoro book.

This artbook is a collector’s item. Every anime lover out there and ardent fans of Studio Ghibli will be happy to own one of these artbooks. I’m just glad I bought one and it’s nestled very nicely on my bookshelf along with my other collections.

The artbook has plenty of illustrations created for the movie – My Neighbor Totoro. It’s colorful and I love reading the info about how they came to be.

Let’s say I’m one happy owner! I want more artbooks! I’ll definitely buy other artbooks and perhaps I’ll buy them from New York, in that small bookshop near Times Square and the name escapes me right now. They carry affordable artbooks there too for less than $50! Yes! This one is around $90 so I think I’ll buy some in Manhattan.

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