December 17, 2017

Natural Home Remedies To Calm Your Upset Stomach

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Sometimes we get too stressed or nervous that our stomach can also feel the tension. It has happened to me many times like before a presentation or when going through an interview. However, you don’t always grab on your medicine box for the Alka Seltzer. Check around your pantry or refrigerator for any of these natural home remedies to calm your upset stomach.


These fruits are famous for their high content in pectin which helps dissolve irritants in the stomach. It is also high in fibre and lower cholesterol levels.


Aside from being good to your arteries, cinnamon is also great to settle that upset stomach of yours. Cinnamon stimulates the digestive system to help food move in the digestive tract.  Sprinkle some cinnamon on your cut apples, banana and even  on hot water and drink as a tea.

Plain crackers

Plain crackers are easy to digest to stock up on some plain crackers and bring with you to work or on your next trip just in case you need a quick fix to calm your upset stomach.


Ginger is known to relieve nausea. It is also good in calming upset stomach.  You can nibble it fresh if you like or candied. You can even put few slices into a boiling water to serve as ginger tea.


Mint stimulates digestion which helps the food move in the digestive tract smoothly. The menthol and menthone compounds found in the mint leaves help reduce gastrointestinal spasms.

Green tea

Green tea is another home concoction you can take because it helps settle upset stomach and relieves bloating and gas.


Lastly, if you have a water bag, you can put hot water inside and put it against your tummy to heat the area.  The heat transfers the perception of pain inside your stomach towards the heated area of the surface of your tummy skin.

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