December 17, 2017

NeoCell Biotin Bursts Gourmet Biotin Soft Chews Review

** I received this product for free in exchange of my unbiased review. My findings are 100% mins and may vary from yours.

I have dry hair and my skin tends to get dry and scaly. I am not taking any supplements to improve the condition of my hair and skin, just the normal Vitamin C to improve my immune system. So, when I received this NeoCell Biotin Bursts Gourmet Biotin Soft Chews, I did not hesitate and tried it.

I wanted my hair  and skin to improve and trying this product has given me the opportunity to see results. Lately, I have been having small breakouts and I do not like the feel of my skin. So, fortifying my own skin, hair and even nails with NeoCell Biotin Bursts was a good decision.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a a vital part of the Vitamin B family. It helps in making our skin and hair healthy. And it also provides energy support by aiding metabolism of proteins in the body, thus, creating natural energy.

NeoCell Biotin Bursts Gourmet Biotin Soft Chews has added Acai Berry which is known for it high antioxidant agents protecting our body from free radicals.

What I like:

It tastes so good. It’s not too sweet as it is low in sugar.
I like the Brazilian Acai Flavour.
It contains 10,000 MCG Biotin per chew and it is enough to give our body the required Vitamin B Biotin to help improve our nails, hair and skin’s health.
It has no gluten, no soy and no palm oil.
My nails’ texture has improved. I used to have brittle nails and some have light indentations but after eating this delectable chews for more than a week now, I have seen improvement.
My skin tone has also improved. It does not look so dull unlike the previous weeks.

What I don’t like:

Nothing. I find this a good chewable snack to supplement my requirement for Biotin. However, I have to give it more time to see results on my hair’s overall health.


1 pack contains 30 soft chews, packed in a resealable foil to keep the chew fresh and chewy.

Supplement Facts:

My recommendation:

I highly recommend this product. Not only does it tastes so good, not too sweet but easy to chew, I can see results on my skin and nails. As for my hair’s health, I have to give it some time to see further results. For now, what’s so evident is my nail and skin’s health and the improvement.

Where to buy:

You can buy this product from NeoCell.

To know more about NeoCell and the brands it carry, please visit the following:

LinkedIn profile
Facebook – You can also download coupons from their FB page and use it for savings!!!

NeoCell is happy to giveaway 1 pack of Biotin Bursts Gourmet Biotin Soft Chews to my lucky readers. The giveaway will be open to all US residents (+18) only. Watch out for the live giveaway coming soon!

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