December 17, 2017

Part Time Business Opportunities For The Holidays

We could use some extra cash right now? That’s what we tell ourselves most of the time, especially right before the holiday rush where the expenditures are more than what we have imagined. It’s really not necessary that you overspend this holiday season. However, won’t it be nice that even if you’re not going to spend much, you will have extra in your coffer?

There are ways to augment your income this holiday season and all you have to do is use your skills/talents, the resources that you already have, and the time to spare to create stuff you can sell for Christmas.

Sell baked treats

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Christmas is the season of merriment and with that comes the delectable treats that many prefer to give as Christmas gifts.

If you’re a great baker or has the knack for baking yummy treats, then use your skill in baking to create baked goodies you can pack and sell to your local market, neighbors, family, friends, and colleagues.

Create Christmas crafts like ornaments and decors

Are you crafty and do you love to make objects out of spare materials> If so, then use that handy talent to create Christmas stuff you can sell like ornaments, decors, wreaths, Christmas baskets, and many more holiday-themed things you can create.

Make handmade cards and gift tags

(my handmade card)

There’s something about giving personalized cards and tags. Since it is handmade, you can create many designs that will always be unique and one of a kind.  I used to make a lot of handmade cards and gift tags before and would start creating as early as July so I could make a lot that I sell to my colleagues, and friends. I used to get good sales which was very nice as it added to the Christmas budget.

Create clip arts or sell your holiday-themed drawings

Let your artistic flair flow and sell your holiday-themed clip arts or drawings. There are plenty of online sites which accepts freelance artists’ original artworks. You can submit to any of them. You will get a portion of the sales when someone buys a certain product from that site with your artwork printed on it.

Etsy is one of my favourite site for crafty and handmade enthusiasts. You can open a store there and sell your downloadable art so you can earn extra this holiday season.

So, use that God-given talent and start creating beautiful stuff you can sell this Holiday season!

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