December 18, 2017

Party Is Over! Welcome 2014!

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Yes, the days of non-stop eating, partying, drinking and merriment has come to an end (temporarily!) and we are now in the first day of the new year of 2014. It’s time to get serious to the reality after the holidays.

I am not good at making resolutions but I will try to live a healthier life this year. I aim for more travels, more quality time spent with the ones I love and more blogging opps to receive.

I don’t believe in astrology nor predictions that the year of the Horse is not good for those born under the year of the Rat. I happen to be born in 1972 so that makes me under the year of the Rat. People are saying that the year of the Horse is not compatible with the Rat born people. I rebuke that and I don’t believe such claims.

I just woke up with my first payment for my blog services for the year of 2014 and the mail came from a trusted and regular sponsor. Mind you, it is in 3-digits! Is that not blessed or what?

So there, whatever people say about this or that, I will rely on the fact that God will bless me with more opportunities because He knows I will be sharing it.

Here’s to a year of good health, more love, tons of PEACE and of course, steady flow of income from my blogs and that means – loads of paid opportunities.

Yes, 2014! I am claiming you!

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