December 18, 2017

Pharyngitis Again

I am already losing count of how many times I have contacted pharyngitis. I think, it happens to me twice or thrice in a year whenever there is a season change. I was very up and about few days ago before Wednesday and come 20 November, I already have a pain on my throat, hot eyes and weariness and dizzy spells.

I left early last Wednesday because I couldn’t keep my focus. I was feeling very lethargic already. I was sick leave again last Thursday. Since I couldn’t stand and my whole body ached, I was unable to go to the doctor that same day.

I had a check up yesterday and yes, it is pharyngitis once again. I am back on medications and I do really pray I get well soon. We are travelling in a week’s time and were going to a very cold country. I cannot afford to feel like this.

As soon as I feel better, I will really go to the clinic again and have my vaccine shot.

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