December 18, 2017

Publisher Plus for Mac Press Release From PearlMountain

I am really thankful for PearlMountain for always giving me the opportunity to review their app for Mac. So, to show them my appreciation, I am sharing this press release from PearlMountain about Publisher Plus for Mac. Read on…

Publisher Plus is a powerful desktop publishing and page layout app for both business and home users. Unlike other photography software that takes days to master, Publisher Plus allows all levels of people to become productive quickly. It can’t be any easier to create awesome documents than with this app.
Some of the key features of Publisher Plus:
  • Abundant templates and decorations: 170+ templates, 230+ backgrounds, 40+ frames & masks, 1000+ clipart. 
  • Support adding images, texts, shapes, custom shapes, calendars, etc.
  • WYSIWYG – powerful editing features.
  • Export, print and share conveniently.
You can know more information from the product page on PearlMountain:

Or App Store page :

And here is the video tutorial link:

Get the app now for your personal or business use.

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