December 17, 2017

PUR Tablet Stand Review

I bought this product with a huge discount in exchange of my honest feedback.

I am surprised with the design and smooth movement of this PUR tablet stand with clamp. For starters, my mini iPad already has a case that is tight and I couldn’t remove anymore. But placing my mini iPad even with the case on was never an issue as the PUR tablet stand holder securely held my gadget in place. The holder ha a silicone guard that won’t scratch your gadget and will hold it firmly on place even when you tinker like I did with my iPad. I was playing farming games while my mini iPad was on the PUR tablet stand and it didn’t move much.

The stand can handle many types of gadgets. My mini iPad and iPhone 6 fits just right. It can also fit other smartphones and tablets like Samsung, Kindle, and other gadgets between 6″-11″ diameter screen.

It has two types of clamp to fasten it securely on your table or anywhere you want to clip it. I have the clamp type. The other one comes with suction cup base if you prefer to buy that. The clamp base was fastened tightly on the side of my study desk. It has a knob at the top of the clamp to tighten or loosen.

It can swivel to 360 degrees. The gadget holder can tilt while the arm of the stand can be retracted or pushed back near the body.

The products comes with 3 hex screwdrivers.

I really like this tablet stand. It is perfect for my use!

This is available to be purchased here:

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