December 17, 2017

Review – Apple Stand #tophot


I bought this product with a discount in exchange of my unbiased review.

This is the first bamboo wood charging dock I have bought even if I don’t own an Apple watch. I wanted to try out this product because I have my gadgets all over the place and looking for them is such a challenging tasks. Aside from that, my husband and daughter also have their own gadgets so our stuff gets mixed up. Having this bamboo wood charging dock has saved me my sanity, freed up some nice space and have actually made my table-top more organised.

The bamboo dock has 3 cradle brackets to hold a mini iPad and other smartphones or small tablets. It has a separate Apple watch dock as well that is removable and can be attached with magnets on the bottom part. There is a slot to pass the charging cable to your Apple watch on the side of the dock but since I don’t have any Apple watch, I just hang my wood watch as props. 🙂

I like the smoothness of the bamboo charging dock. It does not look rough nor too polished but it does not have any jagged edges that can cut or hurt you. It is all smooth all over. It also comes with four padded adhesives that you stick on the bottom so it does not scratch your table or counter top.

It also has 3 pen holders. If you have a thicker stylus that looks like a pen then it’s also good for that. Also, the cradle brackets for the iPad and other phones won’t scratch the screen of your gadgets because the brackets have been installed with foam padding.

I find this bamboo wood charging dock a good purchase and it will make for a nice holiday gift!

You can purchase this Bamboo Wood Charging Dock from Amazon.

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