December 17, 2017

Review – Chalk Genie Liquid White Chalk Markers in 4

* I have received this product with a huge discount in exchange of my review/feedback.

I don’t have any black board when I tested this product but I have one big dark wooden door that I have for myself to doodle and write on. Well, the initial use took a while before the ink came out. I think I have pressed the marker for less than a minute to drive the white ink out so I could start drawing/writing on my door. And when the ink finally came out, it didn’t come out gooey nor watery. It was actually in a smooth consistency that even writing on my door seemed flawless. As if the woodgrains of my door was a piece of glossy paper. It wrote smoothly.

The ink is very white. It stood prominently against my dark brown bathroom door. And don’t worry about making mistakes while using this chalk marker – it is water base! I just had to dip a small rag in water to remove or erase the mistake so I could write again. And there were very minimal white traces/residue of the chalk marker’s ink left on my door. Actually, it was not very visible unless you take a close scrutiny.

I also tried the chalk marker on a dark green card stock. The effect I had on my dark wood door was different from the paper. The one on the wooded surface was more prominent while the one on paper was bland and lacklustre. So, I think this chalk board marker will really work well on blackboards, dark and hard surfaces that are not very porous unlike card stocks or black paper that is fine or smooth.

The chalk board marker is not so odorless. It has a very faint “alcohol-like” scent but it is very faint that you don’t smell it while using. Only when you actually smell the nib, that’s when you get a waft of the scent.

I like this product a lot. I think it will be great to have them in various colours for more pizazz in writing and artwork. This is a great product to use at home, in school, in cafes and restaurants and even in businesses. It is a fun way to do chalkboard art or lettering or for kids to practice on their writing.  Parents don’t have to worry about stains nor mark on a dark wall or dark doors (like in my case) if your kids happen to use them as their canvas as they can be wiped off with a wet cloth. Although the white marks won’t completely  go but it’s wipeable and cleanable.

This product is available in Amazon –

Please watch this short video of the Chalk Genie in action. I used it on our dark brown bathroom door. 🙂

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