December 18, 2017

Review – Dr. Scholl's For Her Comfort Insoles

Walking around everyday in heels is such a feat. Now, imagine walking around the office for 8 and a half hours in high heels and being flat  footed. Got the picture? That’s how my feet are. They are flat and I needed insoles to support my arch and provide cushion to my heels as I walk.

So, I am very happy to receive this Dr. Scholl’s For Her Comfort Insoles because of many reasons. I am looking for an insole that will do the work and not just make my feet comfortable but also be able to at least provide cushioning. Dr. Scholl’s For Her Comfort Insoles does that.

What I Like:

  • I like the incorporated soft massage gel in the insoles. It provides a mild massaging on my heels as I walked around.
  • It is made of clear gel so it is discreet unlike the other insoles I have tried in the past which are either the same color of my skin or shades darker.
  • It has a slim design so it does not crowd my toes.
  • Trimming is not required because of the length which is 3/4 of the normal shoe size.
  • It can be worn in high heels and flats too. 
  • It is light weight.
  • It does not have that sticky/slimy feel to it unlike the other insoles I have. 

What I don’t like:
Nothing at all. I really like the product so much and I will be getting one for my daughter too.


  • It is packed in a vacuumed blister clear pack with lilac, yellow and pink overtones on the packaging label which is very akin to the female group.
  • It has a small cut-out oval hole on top of the soft massaging gel so you can touch it while on display.

Nothing is mentioned on the packaging

The insoles I received was for women’s sizes between 6-10.

My recommendations:
Yes, simply because it does the work of being a shock absorber, a cushion to your heels and even a mild arch support for flat footed people like myself.  Wearing it the whole day at work didn’t put too much pressure on my feet because they are both soft.


I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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