December 17, 2017

Review – Gurin Professional Rechargeable Water Flosser #waterflosser

* I have purchased this product with a huge discount in exchange of my honest review.

I have seen this type of water flosser from our family orthodontist. She uses the water flosser during teeth cleaning sessions. I thought it was only for professional use until I tried this rechargeable flosser.

What I like: 

The Gurin flosser comes with 2 flossing tubes so my hubby and I have each one to use. Putting water to the water receptacle was easy. You just slide down the water tank and fill with water or you can open the cap behind just on top of the tank to fill it. Either way, both ways are convenient.

Another plus factor is that it is rechargeable so no worries on power charge. The product is not heavy at all. It’s not as bulky as I have imagined but one has to have a steady grip while using it.

I am not used to gadgets for oral care. I had a bit of a tough time handling the flosser initially. Word of caution though, DO NOT put the flosser close to your gums, teeth and even your tongue due to the high pressure of the water spurts. I accidentally hit the side of my tongue during the initial trial and it hurt a little. The manual insert of the product clearly indicates how to properly use the flosser. My first try was not perfect as I kept closing my eyes each time the water spurts through my teeth and gums. I guess it’s the reflex kicking in but when water flosser is used for my teeth cleaning, my dentist had to do it and I had to wear goggles. Now I know why. So, the next time I tried the flosser, I set the mode in soft or pulse instead of normal. The food particles got dislodged and I feel that my teeth and gums are cleaner without having to use the conventional thread floss.

The flosser has 3 settings: normal (which is a steady flow of high pressurised water spurts), soft (less pressure) and pulse (comes in intervals). I am using the soft and pulse now because for me, I can control the flossing when the water spurts are not continuous or in high pressure.

Cleaning the gadget was easy as well. You just have to run through tap water.

My Video demo:

What I don’t like:

The initial use was awkward. I accidentally hit my tongue with the pressurised water spurts. You have to use it for some time to be comfortable with the gadget. Otherwise, this is a great product. Just practice caution when using it.
Where to buy:
This is available in Amazon.
My recommendation:

Between the thread floss and this professional water flosser, I prefer to use this due to the abundance of tap water supply which is the primary cleansing agent used. I get to save on money and there’s no unsightly thread floss to throw around. My gums and teeth are cleaner too. I give this my thumbs up.

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