December 17, 2017

Review – LED Flashlight Koozie Water Bottle Accessory #CoolerTorch

* I received this product with a huge discount in exchange of my honest review.

I don’t drink but it would be nice to have my soda or fruit juices or even my vitamin water served in fancy bottle cozies.

The LED Flashlight Koozie Water Bottle Accessory surely made me feel fancy, and so are my drinks.

What I like:
It is easy to operate the koozie.
It has another koozie (the black one) for smaller bottles.
The LED light has 3 colours: red, green and amber. The red is the one that has the moving pattern when it lights.
My hands/palms don’t get too cold holding cold beverages. And as such, I don’t get wet palms/hands for holding cold beverages.
I feel it is cleaner to drink with the koozie on because the moisture is absorbed and no weird water rings on the table.
I am entertained with the moving lights.
The drink is illuminated.
It is great to use outdoors so you can see your drink in the dark.
It has a nice pouch case.
It comes with a free LED torch that also serves as a bottle opener.

Video demo:

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What I don’t like:
I wish there were more other colours in the illumination and other movement of the light patterns as well.

Where to buy:

LED lights

My recommendation:
I like this product even if I don’t drink. It’s not necessary for use on beer bottles. It can be used in any small or slightly wider-bodied beverage bottles that you like. It’s perfect outdoors, camping, in boat trips and many more.

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