December 17, 2017

Review – Liquid Savvy Double Wall Steel Water Bottle 32 oz

I have bought this product with a huge discount in exchange of my honest review.

I am a coffee and tea drinker, day in and out. I am really tired going back and forth to our office pantry to heat water in the percolator. So, I bought this product and a bit hesitant at first because it is not the flask I am looking for. I want a thermos but I don’t like the hefty price tag of the high quality thermos here. However, I tested this Liquid Savvy 32 oz stainless steel insulated water bottle for my hot water and I am not disappointed at all.

I poured boiling water in my Liquid Savvy at 07:00 and made coffee at 2:00 p.m.! I still managed to make a decent “hot” coffee. Then, the remaining hot water, was poured to my tea around 6:00 p.m! I still made a nice hot tea, although not as hot as the temperature in the morning but hot enough to still drink a “hot beverage” without burning your lips and tongue.

I like that this water bottle is also wide mouth, that way I can pour ice cubes in it. I am not a big fan of drinking cold stuff so I haven’t tested this product yet for cold beverages.

I like the twist cap and it is my favourite to use. I prefer sealing my Liquid Savvy bottle tight to lock in the heat. Amazingly too, even when I poured super hot water inside, the outside case is not affected with the heat. I can still hold it on the side. The bottle is also powdery coated matte texture. it doesn’t leave rings on my desk or glass.

The plastic lids does not alter the taste of the water. and there are 3 included in the bottle, one twist cap, one sippy style which is perfect for drinking coffee and one with a carabiner. My favourite is the twist one. All three caps have a silicone ring inside to lock in the heat and coldness of the beverage or water inside.

This is a BPA free bottle so it won’t leach any chemicals to your drink.

My only negative comment will be is the wide dimension that I have to carry it around because it won’t fit in my lunch tote bag. But that is not really a huge problem. I hope they can sell other accessories like a cross-body strap handle that can be attached to the bottle.

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