December 17, 2017

Review – NEOSAN Women's 3 Pack Silk Seamless Lace Briefs

**I have bought this product with a huge discount in exchange of my honest review.


First impression is, they look very fragile, flimsy, delicate but so pretty. There is no stitching on the sides of the underwear so it is as if I am wearing nothing at all. It is almost like a second skin. It is nice wearing it because it is not bulky and the fabric of my trousers just smoothly slides even on the lacy part. I thought it would be too snug or would keep sliding off my waist but it fits just right.

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It is a great underwear to wear if you do not want to show panty lines. It does not hurt your skin too as long as you choose the perfect size for your fit. It doesn’t leave any marks on your skin too so it is also nice to wear this under tight jeans or slim skirt.

The pack comes in 3: nude, black and gray coloured tones.

These lace briefs can be bought at Amazon.

I give this my high recommendation!


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