December 17, 2017

Review – Newchic's Fashionable Blouses and Accessories

** I have bought these items using a coupon in exchange of my honest review.

I am very glad that I was given the chance to review some of Newchic’s fashionable items. I am very pleased with my selections. I was given a coupon code to use for my purchase so I had to make sure I choose the right ones that would fit and suit me.

I bought 2 blouses, 1 big shawl and 1 leather flat shoes with anti-skid rubber soles. I am very happy with my purchase!

Women’s Hollow Leather Loafers Moccasin Ballet Casual Anti-skid Flat Shoes, $10.60

I love this shoes a lot! As in A LOT! It is very soft. It is like wearing a marshmallow on my feet. And the shoes are comfortable too. For someone who is flat-footed, this shoes (amazingly) did not disappoint me at all!
The rubber soles are another plus feature of this leather loafers. I usually trip and having anti-skid soles is perfect for me.

I love vintage stuff and because I am old-school, I prefer to wear lacy and billowy blouses anywhere I go, even on winter!  This chiffon blouse is loose and has 3/4 sleeves. The fabric is soft and I feel like a Victorian lady wearing this chiffon blouse. It looks so great on jeans and surprisingly, I wore it once to work and it also worked well with my trousers. So, this is a good blouse to have for mix-and-match around in your wardrobe.

Star Printing Shirts 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Irregular Loose Women Blouses, $ 7.80

This blouse is soft as well. It is perfect for casual wear especially jeans or shorts. It looks like a tunic blouse but I am not really sure what style it is. All I know is that it is comfortable and I like the small star prints all over the blouse. 
It has a piece of fabric attached on the sleeves so you can fold them to make them shorter if you like or when you’re wearing this one during summer time.
And this one is my favourite of all the products I have purchases. For one, I love owls. I am very fascinated with owls and seeing it on print on this very soft, sheer and smooth shawl is a no-brainer for me. I use it almost everyday going to work because it is cold in the morning.  
The shawl’s fabric is not very thick which makes it great as well during warmer climate.  It is perfect for wrapping around even in the beach area as a cover up. So, it is practically an all-around shawl.
The shipping is okay. It is the usual 2-3 weeks wait time for regular shipping. I placed the order on 14 Dec. 2015 and I have received the products first week of January. I mean, that is still fast considering other shipping timelines from other sites.

All these products look very pretty. The materials are good, as if I have purchased them from a high-end high-street shop in the UK or in the US. They are affordable so I could stretch my money more.
You can find more lovely tops or other apparel or accessories in Newchic site.

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