December 17, 2017

Review – Premium Black Backpack from AIRBAC

** I have purchased this product with a huge discount courtesy of AIRBAC. My honest feedback is 100% mine and may vary from yours.

I am not a backpack user. I only have 1 backpack that I purchased while I was still in college and even then, it wasn’t as fancy, functional, ergonomically beneficial as this Premier Black AIRBAC backpack.

AIRBAC backpacks are designed to help ease the pressure and stress on the user’s back due to heavy weight of the bag’s contents. With the patented air support system, it helps take the weight off the back by moving the contents to a more comfortable and back-friendly position. This method helps the bearer feel like they are carrying half the weight only.

What I like about this backpack:
It is beautifully designed and has a back-support technology that uses air to take off weight from the contents.

It has plenty of space and compartments to stash your laptop, books, iPad, other gadgets, power cords, beauty kits, and even some clothes and shoes. It is perfect for travel.

It can fit a 15″ laptop.

It has an iPad pouch in front of the bag.

It promotes good posture and spinal alignment because the AIRBAC air system redistributes the contents’ weight across the back and this allows the user’s body to relax in an upright position.

It has air-cushioned protection to keep the AIRBAC air system pouch covered and secured. Aside from that, it has cushioned protection inside the bag too to protect your belongings from shock.

The AIRBAC backpack was designed for all body types, including children. So this backpack is great from children to adults and even the outgoing types.

The backpack has padded shoulder straps that provides comfort to the wearer without biting the skin or causing to tag the skin tightly when the backpack is full.

It comes with a warranty. For more info, you may visit

My recommendations:
It may be bulky but it is definitely not cumbersome. It seems to be bulky because of the padding and AIRBAC air support system but they are important parts of the backpack to make it ergonomically and perfect for the backpack wearer’s posture and spine. The backpack is great for travel and even for outdoor use. Even students and athletic people can use this kind of backpack because it is spacious and can protect your gadgets with its padded interiors.


Black but you can purchase other colours and styles too.

US$89.99 excluding shipping

Where to buy:
You can order this beautiful and very functional backpack from and use this code for a special discount upon check out:  tom12

This is a perfect choice especially for your back-to-school needs!

To know more about the various backpacks of AIRBAC and the air support system it uses, check out The illustration below will give you an idea why this is the perfect back for you. If you love your back and want to keep your posture correct while carrying heavy stuff, then AIRBAC is the right choice.

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