December 17, 2017

Review – Superior No Bark Control Collar #SuperiorBarkCollar

* I have purchased this product with a huge discount in exchange of my unbiased review.

This is the first time I have used a no-bark control collar to my dog. My dog is already an adult pet and she is a barker but not very chronic. She barks when she hears footsteps or sense someone is at the door. She barks to strangers, not aggressively but as if asking their attention. Her barking can be overlooked if not for the fact that we live in an apartment. In this place, it is very crucial to keep the peace, calmness and quietness because we live in a high-rise property with multicultural residents. They are not particularly friendly with dogs, let alone a “barker” like my pet.

I was really adamant to try this product at first because I am not sure how it would affect my dog. She barks not as crazy as other dogs I have seen but when she barks, it is so hard to stop her. So, I gave this product a go and wanted to know if it could curb my dog’s barking when faced with factors that contribute to her barking.

The instruction manual suggests that this collar should not be used for a prolonged period of time. It is best used while training or when there is supervision. It is hard to train my dog now as she’s an adult but it would be nice to at least reduce her barking. Amazingly, it reduced her barking.

I initially used this on my dog for no longer than 3 hours on weekends where I am around to see her. As soon as she starts barking, she stops few seconds after. That’s really an big improvement.  I also tried using the clicker on her that came with the no-bark collar. She would stop and look at me curiously, wondering what I was holding. That is major improvement in a sense, I didn’t have to tell her repeatedly to stop barking. She did on her own with the no-bark collar.

The no-bark collar is not very heavy but my dog is mid-size so there’s no issue on that.  It has 2 metallic protruding rods on the collar. I think they emit the vibration to the dog when it barks. It also has indicator light to show if the collar is on. It comes with an instruction manual, and a plastic clicker with holder.

It is easy to operate the product. You can slip it on your dog’s neck just like the way you put a normal collar. My dog doesn’t seem to mind wearing it but I make sure she doesn’t wear it on long period of time.  It also auto-shuts off when not in use for a while.  It is waterproof. It has 10 correction levels so it is applicable to timid to the stubborn type of dogs.

The no-bark collar worked for my dog. I think it will vary from pet to pet due to the individual temperament of each pets.  

Here is a video of my diva Millie with the bark collar on. She barked a little and it was even cut short. You can hear in the mid part of the video that I was so surprised because she didn’t bark much with the collar on.

I do recommend this product because it is a good way to train your dog and to limit the barking especially if you are in a similar predicament as mine. 

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