December 17, 2017

Rocket Japanese Premium Review + Giveaway! #rocketlanguages

Disclosure: I was not monetarily compensated for this review. I received a complimentary access to test/review/evaluate the site and its service and product. My opinion and findings are 100% mine and may vary from yours.

It feels good to refresh myself in Japanese as this is the first foreign language I have learned while I was in college. It was part of our curriculum. And for 3 years, it was a part of my daily communication at the university. However, I haven’t been speaking, hearing, writing and reading Japanese since I left school and that was many years ago. I am so rusty now that this Rocket Japanese gave me another boost in confidence to refresh myself and pick up where I left off.

Rocket Japanese is an interactive online learning resource to learn and speak Japanese fast. It is an exclusive online site for members who can engage in audio and visual learning and also communicate with other members thru forums.

What I like:
It is interactive. You can learn via audio or thru conventional lessons of reading There is also an option where you can do the role-play and record your voice so you can check vis-a-vis the audio lessons for a certain module.

You can download the audio and learn at your own pace and time.

There is an option where you can record your voice so you can compare it with the actual audio lessons.

There are several tests to take to gauge your knowledge level. The tests are designed to reinforce learning and memory retention of the lessons learned.

Aside from the very dynamic features and interactive interface of the site, Rocket Japanese also has a wide variety of articles accessible to all members about advanced learning techniques and tips.

There is a tracking section in the dashboard for your progress and badges earned, giving you the motivation to carry on and finish the entire lesson.

This is the dashboard area where you can find your progress and the lessons you will cover for the whole duration of the learning process.

The site is also accessible 24/7 and is compatible with Windows-based PCs, Mac, Android and iOS systems.

What I don’t like:
I find the interface “wordy.” I wish there were more images and / or flash cards for the benefit of those who learn faster with visuals.

Please check the site below for pricing as it varies depending on how many levels you want to avail.

My recommendation:
Given the many available resources provided to members and how the audio (as spoken by Japanese sounding people) helped me refresh and learn fast some basic phrases in Japanese which were enough to get me started with a basic Japanese conversation. I give this learning site my thumbs up!

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And now, for the best part of this review – THE GIVEAWAY!!!

I will be posting about the giveaway in another article. So watch out for it!

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