December 17, 2017

RollinPets Nail Clipper and Pet Massager with Store Away Bag Review

I have bought this product with a huge discount in exchange of my honest review.

My doggie liked the massage brush a lot. She normally does not sit still when it comes to brushing time but when I used the RollinPets massage brush on her, she was well behaved. I could tell that she was having a good time being pampered. The brush is made of soft rubber so it’s perfect for massaging during bath time and even when my dog is already dry. The bristles are huge and conical in shape so it glides through my doggie’s curly fur without tagging the other hair.


The nail clipper is a bit large for my grip. good thing that it has a spring coil so there’s was lesser effort with the usage. I just find the big clipper a bit of a hassle for me because I have small hands so my grip is limited. But that is okay because the size of the clipper will be perfect for bigger or larger breed of dogs. You can still use it for smaller to medium sized dogs, just be cautious as the blades are sharp.

The whole set comes with a free waterproof pouch to keep all of them together. I have the tendency to misplace my dog’s old nail clipper and the pouch bag provide safety and security when you’re not using the products.


Where to buy:

This is available in Amazon.
My recommendation:

This is perfect for your dogs and cats. Although the clipper is quite big for my grip, it is easy to use and sharp. I like the fact that it has a store-away bag so I can keep them dust-free and safe from the elements. The massager is a big hit for my diva dog who fusses over brushes. This is one massager brush that she enjoyed a lot.

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