December 17, 2017

Safety Precautions To Take When Handling Firecrackers

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It is that time of the year again when people are scurrying to buy their firecrackers to welcome the coming of the new year with fanfare. Some people prefer to celebrate quietly in the comforts of their homes or with their relatives and friends while some prefer to celebrate with a bang, and I hope not literally.

Firecrackers can be both entertaining and dangerous at the same time. While it is nice to see and appreciate the creativity of how the firecrackers explode to show off beautiful colorful sparkles of lights and sounds, it can also emit dangerous chemicals and cause fire when things go wrong.

If you are one of those who prefer to celebrate New Year using firecrackers, it is best to keep a tab of these tips to ensure a safe, hazard and fire-free New Year celebrations with the ones you love.

  • Always purchase firecrackers from known manufacturers with good safety standing.
  • Read the laws about firecrackers and know what is legal or not and if possible, stay safe by buying only firecrackers that are allowed by the law.
  • Read and follow the manufacturers instructions and warnings on how to safely light and handle firecrackers.
  • Keep water or a water hose ready just in case you need to dose of a fire. 
  • Do not hold a firecracker when lighting it. 
  • Wear a safety goggles. You may look weird or overly dressed for the occasion but the rule of thumb is better be safe than sorry!
  • Do not point firecrackers at the audience/
  • Do not leave firecrackers in your pocket as they may catch fire and also combust.
  • Do not let kids light firecrackers. Never!

With all these safety tips in mind, please be careful and practice extreme caution when handling firecrackers. Avoid using them if you can and settle for the old-fashioned way of welcoming the New Year with loud, clanging noises coming from hitting pots and pans, playing loud music, honking your cars momentarily or simply cheering “Happy New Year.”

Be safe everyone and enjoy the coming year!

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