December 17, 2017

Save-The-Date Ideas

Back in my time, we didn’t have what you call the “Save-the-Date” information to announce the upcoming special event of someone.  We announce special events either through print ads in the socials of highly publicised newspapers, by word-of-mouth or by sending telegrams or mails posted.

These days, anyone who has special announcements to make to highlight a milestone event in their lives can either announce it via email, via social media, send video reminders, SMS, and through old-fashioned “save-the-date” cards.

If you prefer to remind or notify your family and friends by sending Save-The-Date infos, then here are some ideas you may consider to let everyone know that there is something special coming and they better “save-the-date!”

This is the conventional way of telling everyone to remember your special date by sending out cards. There are plenty of online companies engaging in providing you with customised Save-The-Date cards according to your whim.

Why not tell them face to face? Not possible? Perhaps, a video will do the trick. You can make your very own home video and upload in social media sites or enlist the help of a talented friend of even a professional videographer to capture the moment as you inform your family and friends to note the momentous date in their calendars.

Creativity is the key and a lot of people would like to capture their uniqueness through snaps. Just like having videos, this one is in portrait. If you know someone who’s very good in photography, you can ask him or her to help out with the layout.

You can get ticket templates in the internet and other crafty sites and print them yourself after customising the details. This is a cute and budget-friendly way of sending out your Save-The-Date.

One company that is an expert on making memorable magnets is This company offers fantastic selections of Save-The-Date options so you can either have them in print like cards or as magnets. This is surely a unique way of announcing your special day. Also, is having a big sale. If you’re looking for the right product to announce your special day then head on to and avail of their 10th Year Anniversary sale! Be sure to check out their fantastic offers!

This is a unique Save-The-Date option to consider. I have not seen any coaster Save-The-Date yet but upon checking these ideas out in the internet, I am in awe by the many creative designs you can choose from.

(All photos are not mine. Due credit to the owners.)

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