December 17, 2017

Shaving With One Razor

Shaving is something that you might do every day or every other day unless you are a man who wants to grow out a mustache or beard. There are several kinds of razors that you can find at retail stores, but there are often more benefits to straight razors than there are those with double or triple blades. One of the benefits of this kind of razor is that they are less expensive. You can find them almost anywhere that sells health and beauty supplies. They come in packs of one, two or several depending on how many you might need. 

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Most of the single blade razors that you will find offer a better shave than those that have the double or triple blades. You are using a razor that has the actual blade instead of something that has a piece of plastic between multiple blades. This allows the blade to cut the hair at one time instead of using multiple blades to go over the area at one time. When you use only one blade, you are saving the environment as well because you aren’t throwing away as much metal that won’t disintegrate. Ingrown hairs won’t show up as much, and you won’t have the rashes that you sometimes see with multiple blades. 

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