December 17, 2017

Small Food Business To Start From Home

Are you struggling to make both ends meet with your current pay check? How about planning your retirement early and creating a passive income so you don’t end up cramming to build your funds? Do you love to cook and have passion for making delectable treats and building your own bakery seems to be just too expensive to achieve at the moment?

All businesses start small. Why not start a small food business from home?

Starting a business is not a walk in the park but it shouldn’t be difficult too especially if you already have the knack for cooking or baking. I have some friends who started selling their baked goodies and home-cooked meals part time to their colleagues and friends until they finally decided to quit work and do the whole thing full time. If they can, why can’t you?

Below are some simple ideas for a small food business to start at home if you have spare time or even full time.

Healthy Home-Cooked Meals

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In the Philippines, it is very popular to delivery home-cooked meals to office workers who do not have time to prepare their own meals. The delivered meals can be for breakfast, lunch or snack.

You can over various meals for different clients and you can up the ante by preparing healthy cooked meals that are not oily nor fatty. This will be extra popular for healthy-conscious eaters.

Baked treats

If you love to bake and you’ve a proven record of baking up a storm of delicious treats, then offer your products to small coffee shops, create an online site for others to order your baked goods.

Candies, jams and jellies

Other people are sweet tooth and would love to buy sweet goodies prepared from home using natural ingredients. Make your own candies, jams or jellies and packaged them creatively using beautiful mason jars or any canning jars for added effect.  You can include biscuits and cookies on the side for jams and jellies.

Goodies in bottles

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This sumptuous treat is becoming very popular because they come in cute, small jars and sometimes with wooden spoon and is easily consumed without fuss.

Native delicacies

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Filipinos love to eat the native delicacies our grandparents used to feed us while we were young. It brings back lovely memories of traditional get-togethers of families and friends during fiestas, Noche Buena, and other special events.

Frozen delights

Several well-known companies are offering their services through distributorship. They allow their frozen goods to be distributed and sold by homeowners and small grocery owners to be a part of their regular merchandise. You can avail of this if you like to augment your income.

If you took up cooking lessons in TESDA, you may prepare your own frozen delights such as longanisa, tocino, ice-candy to sell to your family, friends and neighbours.

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