December 17, 2017

Smart Watch Review #smartwatch

I bought this product with a discount in exchange of my unbiased review.

I have been meaning to buy my hubby an Apple watch but it is not within my budget. I wante to give him something decent and sporty, at the same, it can give him some entertainment as the old iPad I have given him in the past. This TWOBIU(TM) U10L Smart Watch comes close in terms of function. Although the price is better than the Apple watch, this smart watch can provide other functions that are also present in most smart watches in the market.

Here are the highlight of the product (taken from its Amazon’s product listing)

Product Description
Color: Black

TWOBIU(TM) U10L Smart Watch Function
2.Phonebook:can display 1000
4.Messaging-can not support iPhone
5.Call log
8.Camera-can not support iPhone
10.Anti Lost
13.Sleep monitor
18.Find Phone
19.Sedentary Reminder

How to operate:
Confirm: left skip or tap at highlight scene
Return: right skip at highlight scene
Enter main menu: press Home button
Return the Clock: press button at the side

CPU:MTK2501 32M+24M
LCD: 1.54 TFT
Battery: 250 mAh
Bluetooth Version: 4.0 or above
Touch Screen:2 point + gesture
Material: ABS+TPU
Size: 4*4.5*0.1 cm

It is easy to operate and charges quite fast. It is similar to smart phones too because it has a touch-screen functionality. You either swipe to the left or right when you want to choose some app or up and down when selecting from the menu.

Battery life when bluetooth is off lasts for several days. And the good thing about this product is that, even if it’s not connected to the bluetooth, you can just use it as a stylish watch.

Charging is easy too. You can plug it to your PC or any charging dock with USB port.

The other features of the smart watch are great. Once it is connected via bluetooth to your smart phone (after downloading an app) whether it is iOS or Android, you can answer call through the phone. You can also access your phone’s contacts through the watch.

It is great for walking as it has pedometer, and e-compass and stopwatch.

Much as it has provided functions that my husband can enjoy, there are a few that I certainly didn’t like about the product. Namely:

1. The battery is not replaceable. So that means, when the battery’s power has been fully utilized over the years, then you have to dispose the entire watch.

2. I cannot find the volume setting to lower the volume of the ring tone. I searched the settings but cannot find it there nor in the other functions.

3. Sometimes, the touch screen hangs.

4. It is a bit of a challenge to connect it to my phone’s bluetooth. It does connect but then disconnects after few seconds. So, I have to reconnect again.

My recommendation:

This Smart Watch is what my budget can afford. I like how it looks even if it is a bit bulky than the expensive smart watches out there. It has its pros and cons. The lagging connectivity, touch screen issue and lack of volume setting turn me off.  I prefer to buy the pricier ones. However, if this is what your budget can afford and will make-do with the other functionality, then it is an ok watch.

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