December 17, 2017

Smile Brilliant Whitening Tray Kit Product Review

I don’t have pearly white teeth unlike my siblings. I think I got this gene from my mom’s side where they have yellowish teeth than my dad’s side. Although I don’t own the whitest of teeth, my teeth is not altogether very yellow.  It just got more yellowish when I started drinking tea, sodas and coffee which are all famous for causing teeth stains.

Thanks to Smile Brilliant for giving me this Teeth Whitening Tray Kit to try and review. I have a better understanding now on how teeth whitening works and the difference between having it done professionally which will cost you so much more than what you can achieve right at the comfort of your home and in your own time using the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Tray Kit.

I haven’t tried any teeth whitening kit nor solution before because I thought there was no other way to reverse the natural color of my teeth. I didn’t know that there are several layers of our tooth and which of those layers is the natural color of our tooth which cannot be changed by any whitening solutions. And that is the dentin. The one that can get the most of the beating is the enamel which is the layer that protects the bodily tissues of our tooth. So when you whiten your teeth and you don’t achieve the “level of whiteness” you expected to see, you get heartbroken and blame the whitening kit’s fault for its ineffectiveness. Remember, dentin cannot be whitened but you can still remove the stain and lighten your enamel. And that’s what’s brilliant about Smile Brilliant!!!

Smile Brilliant is a teeth whitening solution and a tray kit contains several items you will use to get the impression of your custom-fitted teeth whitening mask. The process of taking the impression is the only cumbersome part in the whole process of my experience with the product because the putty could get hard fast.

Once I was done taking my own impression, I let it dry and shipped back to Smile Brilliant in the enclosed envelope with their shipping address. I signed the enclosed card in the kit that needed to be returned along with the impression. I shipped it via FedEx to ensure it reached Smile Brilliant.  It took about 2 weeks before I received my custom-fitted teeth mask.

I have tried the product for 1 1/2 weeks and I will still continue probably until I finish the 2nd syringe of desensitizing and whitening gels. I have done 5 treatments from August 1 – 14. I used the whitening kit for 25 minutes for the desensitizing gel to fully cover my teeth’s porous parts so they won’t get tingly and painful when I apply the whitening gel. Another 25 minutes was allocated for the whitening gel. I didn’t use it everyday because I have sensitive teeth.  I can see clearing of stains from my caffeine-ravaged teeth.  Like I mentioned previously, I cannot whiten my dentin but I could brighten my enamel which is what I have noticed. Even my family noticed a change in my teeth’s color.

Why do I have to use desensitizing gel and not go straight to the whitening kit?
We all have a certain degree of teeth sensitivity and there are plenty of causes which makes us cry bloody murder sometimes when we drink some fizzy soda or eat certain food or even when we brush our teeth. The sensation we feel in our teeth is when we have cracks or exposed dentin. That dentin is filled with tubules rife with sensitive nerve endings. So, you get hurt when you eat some stuff, grind your teeth or drink hot or cold beverages. A desensitizing gel can help protect your teeth by covering the enamel.  Smile Brilliant’s desensitizing gel temporarily seals the tiny fractures of your tooth’s enamel. This will prevent the whitening gel to penetrate the sensitive dentin during whitening treatment.

A lot of you may be wondering if it’s safe to whiten teeth. Yes, it is safe but you shouldn’t ingest a large amount of the gel when you’re doing it at home. As for my experience with this whitening kit, while I was doing the treatment, I never swallowed my saliva during the 25 minutes session. I would grab a tissue and just wipe out the saliva and carry on until it was time to wash off the gel and spit the saliva. Others may have done it differently while whitening their teeth but this is the one that I feel comfortable knowing that I wouldn’t ingest any of the whitening gel. To know more about its safety, read this article.

How much is Smile Brilliant Whitening Tray Kit?
The whole kit costs $119.95 with 3 whitening gels. Desensitizing gels are sold separately but Smile Brilliant gave me 3 Desensitizing gels as well for this review kit.

There are 6 gels and 9 gels that come with the tray kit on various prices. Check out Smile Brilliant’s site for the exact price.

Would I recommend this product?
That is a big YES!   It’s not as white as it should but it certainly is lighter than my previous teeth color which I am very happy to show off. I really get conscious smiling in photo ops because everyone’s teeth is just lighter than mine. After using Smile Brilliant, I can definitely show that my not-so white teeth is not-so stained anymore.

(These photos are unfiltered and not retouched. Taken from my mobile phone. My teeth now is lighter compared to my previous teeth color. It didn’t turn into white because I have a natural yellowish dentin. It did remove the stains from drinking too much coffee and tea. )< /div>

I am satisfied with the result considering the short period of time I have used it and also taking into consideration the natural color of my dentin.  I am not done yet and I will continue to use the remaining gels.  I just want to show you how effective Smile Brilliant is without having to break the bank for a whitening session done professionally. I am just very careful now to ingest caffeine because I don’t want to stain my teeth anymore. Otherwise, I am very happy, very satisfied and can’t stop showing off my smile! Thanks Smile Brilliant! Thanks for making my brilliant smile!

Read more about the products of Smile Brilliant in their website and check out their social networks for promos and more.


And here’s a bonus from the generous Smile Brilliant… GIVEAWAY ALERT!!!

Smile Brilliant is offering 1 lucky winner the same kit I received in my giveaway. I will work on the mechanics very soon and don’t miss this fabulous giveaway! It will be open worldwide so you may have a chance to experience professional-kind of teeth whitening treatment at the comfort of your home which you can actually afford. Stay tuned!!! Meanwhile, head on to Smile Brilliant and see why they are better than any other whitening kits available in the market.


I received the full kit for evaluation purposes and was not monetarily compensated to do this review. My opinion and findings are 100% mine and may vary from yours. I only review products that I like and will use and find beneficial to my readers.

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