December 17, 2017
Uncategorized Earning Opportunity


Let’s start the year on a positive note. Why not post about an earning opportunity for bloggers? How is that for starters?

If you are a blogger like myself who enjoys posting in Instagram and Twitter then this earning platform may be the right choice for you.

I have joined the SocialPubli site for influencers like myself who engages in social media to share my points of view and interesting market pitch for brands. It is a nice way to earn on the side if you are a social media network savvy and enjoy IG and Twitter. I joined the SocialPubli only 2 months ago and have been engaged in numerous campaigns already. This site is actually a European site, so a heads-up, not all international bloggers can sign up. Again, signing up is very FREE! No obligation required. You are not even mandated to refer bloggers; that is, only if you want extra.

What’s good about this site is that if you refer a blogger and that blogger is approved and have also been approved on campaigns then you also earn a small percentage (5%, and that’s not bad!) from that referral. Isn’t that nice? You have your own paid campaigns and yet you have a residual earnings from your approved referrals who have campaigns.

Interested? Sign up here:

 Happy blogging! Happy Earning!!!

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