December 17, 2017

Specialized Eldercare Options to Fit Your Calgary Family

Every family has to face it eventually; an older member can no longer look after themselves the way they once could. Too many families mistakenly believe that their only option at that point is to relocate their relative to a long term facility. There are other options for those who don’t want to relocate their beloved family members against their will. Home care aides in Calgary are a valuable resource for families dealing with a number of illnesses, whether it’s dementia, arthritis, cancer, stroke, or another condition.
Seniors living with arthritis face numerous challenges, especially when using the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. A home caregiver can help seniors with arthritis with all of their everyday tasks, whether they need help with the shower, getting into bed, or just a hand with housework and cooking. Calgary agencies like Mavencare design their services around your family’s needs: there are no cookie-cutter solutions to eldercare. They make their service work for you whether your aging relative needs live in care or a few visits per week.

There are also some techniques seniors with arthritis can use to make staying in their homes easier. “Joint protection techniques” are valuable tools in the kitchen, and start with paying attention to which joints ache when they’re used. Some tips include:
  •        Spreading the weight of carrying something over several joints
  •        Gripping objects lightly
  •        Getting help to move heavy objects like pots and pans
  •        Planning how to move things after something has hurt in the past

When your older relative gets help from home health care experts in Calgary, they’re not just getting someone to help them in an out of bed or remind them to take their medication on time. They’re also getting a companion: someone who can assist if your relative is still largely independent, but needs that helping hand.
Eldercare needs often change over time, and your family will want to work with an agency that can change with you. A good quality to look for in an agency is its ability to meet a variety of needs, and the way they match caregivers to clients. New technologies are making headways in the matchmaking phase; for example, caregivers are matched by Calgary’s Mavencare based on clinical requirements as well as personality factors.

If your loved one is suffering from cancer, recovering from a stroke, or experiencing a decline due to dementia, live in, respite, and palliative care are all options that can be undertaken at home. Remaining at home is a common desire for many seniors, because they want to live with dignity, no matter what their condition. Live in care in Calgary is not only a viable option, it’s often the superior option to long term facilities. You don’t have to give up your own career or home to take care of an aging parent if you can find an agency that will work according to your needs.

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