December 18, 2017

Stationery and Envelopes

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I’m going back to basics. I’m going back to the conventional way of doing things. That is a goal I have this year.

I want my communication to be open but I want to do it the old-fashioned way where I still have to get a pen and a paper and actually use the pen to write.  The advent of high-technology and a multitude ways to bridge the gap amongst people has really turned the world into one very convenient and yet, very lazy society.

People don’t go out anymore to socialize. They don’t send cards nor write. They just call, send text messages, send electronic cards or just post something on your social wall – electronically. Don’t people like to receive their love notes written by someone they love? Don’t they like to read cards with poems penned by their favorite friend or relative? Don’t they want to wait for the personal mails that was sent from across the seas?

I miss the way my generation did things before. I actually had to ask my parents to get me new sets of pens, papers and even get my envelope printing done in a local printing store to have it personalized. And those were manual effort on our part.

The world has to slow down on being advanced. While it’s not bad to advance in other fields like in Science or space exploration, it’s still nice to keep the jobs of those mailman who delivers our mails and packages with gusto.

I say, stationery and envelopes are here to stay!

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