December 18, 2017

Taming Your Wild Hair

I don’t know why my fair has a mind of its own but it does. I can’t remember the time I left it untied because it looks like I got electrocuted or something. Not cool! Sometimes, I am very tempted to get those pretty locks like the raquel welch wigs. Those locks are full, has the right bouncy curls and does not look like you’re always walking on a rug and attracting all those static ions.

So, how do I tame these wild beast of tresses?

1. Use Anti-frizz serum.  I apply the serum while my hair is damp because when it dries, it gives than shiny natural look.

2. I do not use hot setting in my blow dryer. I use only the first setting or the colder one.

3. I don’t brush as often. I only fix my hair once during the whole day. I tried brushing my hair midday and it became poofy.

4. I use hair clips and clip my hair on the side if I’m not wearing it on a bun.

Do you have wild hair? How do you tame yours?

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